"The Girl who said she was a disgrace to the World"

The girl that walks alone thru the hallways,with the wierd hairstyle & clothes.

The one that everyone calls goth and know nothing about.She feels alone,a disgrace to the world.

She's full of pain & everyday she faces the world with less and less enthusiasim.She can't take it and

can't stand the fact of living anymore.She locks herself in her room,puts her music loud enouph to 

hear down the street.She lives in her own little world,where she's happy but everytime she faces

reality she thinks of those pills her father tell her little sisters never to eat.She finally decides to do

it,end her pain.But as she's about to,she finds a letter that says I Love You love mom and dad.

Thats all it took for her to snap and tell her parents what she was about to do.

-So before you judge and make rumors think about what your lies can lead too.



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